By: Fanny Zigdon
April 14, 2014

Happy Monday! It’s that time of the year, Spring Break, so I’m taking a much needed hiatus to visit and celebrate Passover with my family. …Read more »

By: Fanny Zigdon
April 11, 2014

    Is it only me or does everyone dream of world traveling with Louis Vuitton trunks?! There is something so magical about the history …Read more »

Photo credit: Architectural Digest
By: Fanny Zigdon
April 10, 2014

  TeePee’s: The quintessential home of the nomadic wanderers. The home of Native American’s and all our ancestor’s who dwelled in temporary locations. Think squares …Read more »

Bohemian glamour rug Image credit:Rue Magazine
By: Fanny Zigdon
April 9, 2014

With the Coachella festival around the corner traveling to the desert and bohemian glamour seems to be on the mind….As the weather alludes to the …Read more »

Gray Malin
By: Fanny Zigdon
April 7, 2014

  Today its Gray Malin taking me on my journey of inspiration from  far far away destinations…..His prints evoke nostalgic opulence from the Italian Riveria …Read more »

By: Fanny Zigdon
April 4, 2014

  Lately I have been inspired by far away places. Yes global influence is on trend, fashion designers everywhere incorporated global influence in their collections …Read more »