Baldwin Denim & Collection

December 5, 2013


Matt Baldwin, named one of GQ’s menswear designers of the year in 2013, founded the brand in 2009 out of an unmet need in the marketplace for an American-made denim brand with a modern design aesthetic .

Every facet of Baldwin Denim and Collection is deliberate — from the tailored proportions to the fabrics and materials, to the colors and washes to even the white rivet detail. Each piece is a chapter in the overall Baldwin story, and that story is one of timeless modernism. The very essence of the Baldwin aesthetic is evident in the decor of the flagship store in Kansas City, a reflection of true personal style. The focus on form and function is key to the timeless designs of Baldwin Denim. (as it is in our homes!)

Baldwin’s growth has been fueled by their approachability, functional design, attention to detail, and inclusiveness; a focus on making their customers feel part of their brand. (note to self: key to success)

How do fashion trends inspire your collections?

Fashion trends don’t necessarily inspire my collections. I keep up on them, but my approach is actually the opposite. I design and build modern, classic pieces with a timeless aesthetic. I keep strong and practical pieces in my closet; I don’t need a lot. Over the years I’ve focused less on trends and more on form and function.

Who is your fashion icon?

It is tough for me to pinpoint one fashion icon, but I am super inspired by modern architecture as a whole.

How would you describe your fashion style?

My fashion style is tailored, modern and functional. As far as colors go, I am a big fan of black, white and shades of grey.

Do you incorporate fashion in your home?

I live in a Joseph Eichler home in Kansas City. I remodeled it in 2012, bringing the Baldwin brand’s design aesthetic into my home environment. My home is a cohesive expression of the collection and our stores. It provides an experience that further tells the story of the Baldwin brand.

What “decorating style” do you see your collection incorporated into?

If I had to pick one, I’d say relevant, mid-Century modern.

Who decorated your home?

I decorated and designed the home as well as my Baldwin stores myself, from the ground up.

Do you have any decorating secrets or styling tips?

I believe in keeping it simple. Less is more. When designing your space stay neutral with your foundation colors and build in ample concealed storage. You need to tet the necessities of life and the people that live there bring in the color.

How would you describe your collection?

Baldwin Denim and Collection is modern, tailored, relevant and functional for life.

Photo Credit Ryan Strong

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