Billy Halpern

October 8, 2013

BillyHalpernBilly Halpern is the creative mastermind behind both Billy Halpern Designs & W Home, his Home Furnishings Collection. Billy is the kind of designer who is always in the know, ahead of the game when it comes to style and one who has the ability to forecast whats next in the world of decor (that makes two of us!) and that is not the only thing that truly impresses us about Billy so you can bet your bottom dollar that HOTR is working on recruiting him…so stay tuned!

How do fashion trends influence your home collection?

Fashion trends are a huge inspiration when I’m designing pieces for my collection in more ways than one. Sometimes I’ll research a trend, then find a way to put my creative spin on it so that it takes on its own sense of WOW. On the other hand If I’ve come up with something that I think will be the next best thing, I’ll produce and launch it as soon as possible and then watch to see if it looks like anything on the covers of next months new stand (which it usually does!)

Who is your fashion icon?

I’d have to say that Tom Ford is probably one of my biggest Fashion Icons. It’s not just his amazing sense of well groomed sophistication & style, it’s also the fact that you can pair 4 – 6 pieces from him in one look and its never overdone. Thats what a cohesive collection is all about… at least in my books!

In which fashion designer’s home can you see your collection?

I could see my collection in almost anyone of ”The Kardashian’s” Homes. They are all about fashion forward styling and my collection is just that. They always know whats on trend and love to showcase their finds and I can help them bring their looks from the runway to their Homes.

How would you describe your fashion style?

My fashion style is very classic for the most part. A lot of black, a lot of white and just a bit of colour here & there. I tend to buy a lot of substantial “Staple” pieces and pair them with fun trendy items that I won’t worry about giving up one day.

Do you incorporate fashion in your home?

Incorporating fashion into the home is probably one of the biggest things I’m known for. I’m a huge fan of personal style so why not add elements into your biggest “outfit” a.k.a your home! I’ve framed iconic designer scarves, wallpapered magazine editorials and used iconic designer textiles for drapes and it looks amazing!

What “decorating style” do you see your collection incorporated into?

I designed my collection to be quite versatile. I have simple and sleek accessories that when on their own can be the right amount of modern or when paired with my very detailed and intricate furniture pieces can really add to an eclectic look. For the most part though i’d have to say a modern glam feel is the overall style though.

Who decorated your home?

People automatically assume that I decorated my home completely on my own. Yes for the most part I did but my mom who happens to be very into fashion and all things style helped collaborate quite a bit. Gotta give credit where credit is due… thanks mom! P.S she used to be an interior designer too!

Do you have any decorating secrets or styling tips?

My decorating advice is simple ” it just has to LOOK expensive”, don’t feel the need to overspend to get your message across I can pair an expensive piece of furniture with drapes made from remnant bins or end of roll fabrics to help with my Save & Splurge concept.

How would you describe your collection?

My collection in a nutshell is versatile chic. I curated it in such a way that you can mix & match almost any piece to pull of any look. The lack of cohesion in the market is what really annoyed me, so for instance I designed bedroom pillows that can work on living room sofas and look chic in both spaces. Its all about the versatility!

For more info: Billy Halpern Design 

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