What’s a blogazine?


The Short Version

Honestly, there may be some Urban Definition for Blogazine, but as far as you and I are concerned it means that you will only find magazine worthy content here which I will create in collaboration with some hand picked talent to tell you a visual story of my inspirations.

It’s not such a long story, Really.

Home on the Runway has evolved since my original blog launch in October 2013. It started out as an experiment really, and considering the perfectionist and over achiever I tend to be it suddenly turned into something so much bigger and more time consuming then I could have ever imagined. Before I knew it, Home on the Runway took over my entire work day, well, and maybe beyond my work day. But the opportunities I have had this past year to meet so many amazing people, you know who you are, and the countless more I may continue to meet became my drive to find a way to turn HOTR into a platform that I could share a part of me with all of you, as well as a place I could use to express the passion I have to create. So at first I thought to create a magazine. But I loved the personal element of a blog and thought why can’t I have the best of both worlds, hence the birth of the HOTR Blogazine! 

I am a very private person and tend to hide in my shell but the world I have ventured into has changed the way I see myself, the people around me and the endless possibilities for us all. With that, I am ready to embrace the future triumphs and tribulations that may come my way and you can bet it will inspire me to create a story to share with you. Cheers to a fabulous 2015!

 Travel with me as I discover the beauty of the world and people around us that still yearn to be discovered…where to next?!

Xx Fanny Z

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  1. Amazing job. I cant’ believe you just launched in October of last year. Congratulations! I’m so glad I stumbled across this website and hope to maybe collaborate with you on some blog post.

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