Erika Brechtel

September 11, 2013

small shop Erika Brechtel portrait office photo by Sabra Lattos

Erika of Small Shop Studio,  who specializes in developing unique brand identities for stylish clients shares with HOTR the ever evolving (I think she might just be as obsessed with decorating as I am!) stylish decor of her fashionably decorated office, the space where all the magic happens….

Who is your interior design icon?

Kelly Wearstler. Her style to me is all about a contemporary sophistication, rich in materials, and forever artful. I have followed her career for quite some time and I am always impressed how she pushes what we think our comfort zone is…eventually everyone comes around, so she’ll push even further in a new direction. I see her as a trailblazer, and a brave, resourceful designer. A true artist.

How would you describe your fashion style?

It has evolved over the years (as it should!) to the point I’d say now I try to be my own version of the modern woman – savvy, stylish, smart, sexy, never girly or fussy, but real. We’re all so on-the-go these days, so I tend to stick to effortless looks but I’ll often incorporate an element of edge and one piece that feminizes the ensemble.

Do you have any interior styling secrets?

I came up with a “5 pieces to a great room” rule: incorporating something textured/patterned, something shiny, something modern, something organic/animal, and something vintage/antiquey. Whenever I feel like a room isn’t quite there yet, I try to find that one piece that’s missing from this formula, and it never fails to complete the space.

What room is your favorite? Why?

I love my office because it’s my own little creativity hub with a rotating gallery wall, inspiration pinboard, and design book library. With the latter, since I create brands for a living, I am invigorated by surrounding myself with brands that have endured and continue to convey a consistent brand message successfully — Hermes, Chanel, Gucci, YSL, for example. I also thrive off of flipping through photography, travel and art books to get the creative juices flowing — you never know what ideas will spring from a single visual image that you haven’t seen or had not noticed before!

How do you incorporate new fashion trends into your home décor each season?

I get to swap out the pieces on my pinboard seasonally which always seems to align with the trends that are speaking to me most. I often pull in the latest glossy mags like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar into my décor not only as my current reading list/homework, but also to motivate me — I like to remind myself that the best of the best around the world collaborated on each of those issues…editors, designers, photographers. I also have a collection of vintage Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazines that I will turn to when I need a little original inspiration!

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Image Credits: Image above by  Sabra Lattos  Below: Erika Brechtel

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