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October 15, 2013


With backgrounds in architecture, industrial design, and fashion design, GABRIEL Kakon and SCOTT Richler, bring a rich bank of skill, creativity and style to the furniture world.

This year represents a new chapter for the two architect brothers with the launch of the GABRIEL SCOTT line, consisting of a series of black-steel and brass occasional tables, as well as a series of beautifully hand crafted suspended-light fixtures – including the newest addition to the studio’s line; The WELLES suspended light. This totally modular and customizable light-system, consist of a series of brass, copper, or nickel geometric shapes which elegantly come together to create an organic and sculptural form (how fab sounding is that already?!)

Gabriel-Scott‘s collection of chic and contemporary line of occasional tables and lighting pieces are so fabulous we had to share them with you on HOTR! They use fashion as their inspiration for form and materials all the while staying true to their unique signature style. But I’ll let them tell you all about it…be inspired!

How would you describe your collection?

The GABRIEL SCOTT collection is a bold line of furniture, and lighting pieces that share a common expression and evoke a chic interpretation of early 20th century design. We’re particularly excited to introduce the newest addition to our line, The WELLES suspended light. A totally customizable family of lighting pieces consisting of a series of brass, copper, or nickel geometric shapes which elegantly come together to create an organic and sculptural form.

How do fashion trends inspire your collections?

Fashion is a big part of our lives. Scott’s background in fashion and jewelry-design has often been the premise for many of our designs. And although we try to achieve true timelessness with all our designs, incorporating some fashion or design trends often makes a piece a bit more exciting.

Who is your fashion icon?

Given our use of metals and refined finishes to our furniture and lighting pieces, we often turn to jewelry design for inspiration. The house of LANVINs jewelry collection has been amongst the most influential to us. Its very bold and glamorous forms and proportion is something we consistently try to incorporate in our own collection.

In which fashion designer’s home can you see your collection?

To us, Tom Fords home-style is beautiful. Very simple but strong décor makes for an extremely chic environment. We would love to hang a long WELLES light fixture above the over-sized marble table that sits in his living room.

How would you describe your fashion style?

Comfortable, sharp, fun, timeless, relevant, and always true to us. Scott’s got the army boots. Gabriel’s got the sneakers.

Do you incorporate fashion in your home?

Absolutely. Your home décor says a lot about who you are. Just like your clothes do. As a matter of fact, we like to put together our home style like a good outfit. The right amount of bold elements, the right kind of accessories, and the right amount of charm and originality.

What “decorating style” do you see your collection incorporated into?

Our collection is indirectly inspired by the great mid-century modernists. However, we’ve seen in sit beautifully in a 19th century traditional setting – as well as in a modern and bare loft-space. It always seems to blend in tastefully. There are no rules, just good design.

Who decorated your homes?

We did! Scott and I are both architects and have had lots of experience working on residential projects, through to the smallest décor-related details. We’ve also designed and manufactured many of our custom pieces, from a dining table, to our desk lamps, as well as our bathroom vanities.

Do you have any decorating secrets or styling tips?

Design and décor should be fun. It should also be a direct reflection of you and your personal style. It’s important to give your space character, and to consider all the finishing touches. A space always looks its very best when it is well thought out and fully completed with the right accessories, such as lamps, books, and flowers.

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