Jake Blake


Jake Blake

When I’m in the Soho area I always like to stop in at Flair. Flair is one of my all time favorite home decor shops. It’s one of those places where I literally love everything they sell, from the unique vintage pieces to the one of a kind designs of the talented owners, Jon and George. Chatting with the duo about our shared appreciation for fashionable interiors is always a treat and bumping into designer Ryan Korban whom I adore is clearly a bonus!  Besides for seriously wanting to move in, I love to spend some time looking around for inspiration even if I’m not looking for anything in particular. While visiting a couple months back a piece of art caught my attention. This was no ordinary art. Think abstract, black and white and exotic leather wrapped canvas, I was beyond myself in excitement about the brilliance of the artist.

I needed to know who this artist was. So I approach one of the young men working at the time and discover that the artist is non other then himself, Jake Blake! You can imagine I was struck with awe of this sweet young man and how humble he was about his work. I probably made a fool of myself but I simply didn’t care, I loved his work! I couldn’t personally afford the piece at the time, So I did the next best thing I can think of, I decided I had to share his story with you guys, but you can rest assured I’ll be back, Jake.

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