Louiza Babouryan

October 8, 2013

Louiza is an LA based Fashion Designer and artist,  whose designs are a fusion of romance and elegance. Her design philosophy is right on par with HOTR which made her a rockstar from  day one… Her studio nestled in the quaint valley of Los Angeles is as inspiring as her designs and both make me want everything about everything she creates! With that I introduce to you a budding talent…

How would you describe your decorating style?

I don’t have a specific style I just surround myself with things I love. Being a Gemini I love color and neutrals, old antiques and super modern pieces, it turns out to be an eclectic mix of the past and the present. Same goes for my fashion style.

Do you have any interior styling secrets?

Lots of books can make any room fabulous!

What is your favorite city away from home?

Paris, my ultimate interior setting is a Parisian apartment in the 60’s, with white moldings, crystal chandeliers, beautiful French windows mixed with mod furniture, lots of color…ahhhh…need I go on…

Do you have a signature candle scent at home?

I love anything woodsy like amber, sandalwood and bergamot. Love Diptyque’s Feu De Bois it’s like having the fireplace on always.

Is there a hotel that is decorated in your personal style?

If I could live in the lobby of the W Miami I would be the happiest girl, it has art on the walls (e.g. Damien Hearst, Andy Warhol) and great books and furniture all in one room…plus interesting people watching.

How do you incorporate fashion as art?

Why keep a favorite dress in a dark closet, a beautiful dress can be displayed on a wall or a pair of shoes on a bookshelf….I think it’s as good as any painting or sculpture that can create sensation.

Which fashion accessory would you use as a decorating accessory?

I’ve always wanted a china cabinet displaying some of my favorite shoes. I haven’t come across the perfect one yet!

HOTR inspired?! Want to own Louiza’s fabulous creations? Go to www.louizababouryan.com

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