Meeting Brian Humphrey & Dan Mazzarini


Meeting Dan Mazzarini

When I say I got to meet some fabulous people through the process of creating HOTR, I was talking about the likes of Brian Humphrey & Dan Mazzarini! During that time, when keeping up with my inbox was no easy task, (I apologize now, for any emails I have yet to respond to, I’m still trying to catch up!) something about that email from BHDM just scream #SoHOTR, Get on it! I tend to make decisions based on my gut feelings and I am usually on the money, and this time was no different.

With no actual plan, and only a vague direction of where HOTR was headed, I wasted no time in setting up a time to meet up with Dan in New York City. I’m pretty sure Dan got lost or on the wrong train headed uptown yet arrived perfectly on time to greet me and my retail therapy goodies, clearly a must when in NY, right?! Well, I may not have been prepared but Dan sure was. He blew me away with his sketches, project images and their story. Immediately, I knew this was going to be a longterm relationship.

Interior Design meets Fashion

Both Dan and Brian had started off their careers within the fashion world. Brian for the legendary fashion house, Halston, and Dan designing spaces for the fashion industry, including Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren. Somewhere along the way their creative paths crossed and a design powerhouse was born! Now when I say they get it, they really get it! Dan is innately a narrator and curator with a keen ability to conjure up a unique story and create a personalized design concept. Hearing about their backgrounds and design process made me think they might just be up for something different.

I had been pondering the idea of how to create interior design content through the process of fashion editorials. I thought how fabulous would it be to bring a design story board to life by producing an editorial, with models, hair, makeup and fashion to tell the story of the space. Ok so maybe I did have an idea in mind when I met him, but I had to feel him out first! So what do you think, was he was up for the challenge?!

Make sure to come back to find out…..

Xx Fanny Z

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