Nathalie Shirinian

December 6, 2013

IMG_9517 (1)Born and raised in Los Angeles California, Nathalie Shirinian is a writer, documentarian, and founder of NES Creative Services. Her creative agency is a place where fashion, interiors, and architecture intersect.  Encompassing a full range of services in the interior design, and architecture realms, Nathalie represents the likes of high profile designers such as Mary McDonald, Charles De Lisle, Gulla Jonsdottir, Craig Van Den Brulle, and Tobi Tobin (to name a few!). Along with her agency, Nathalie is the creative interiors director for The Work Magazine. Writing is definitely a creative outlet for Nathalie since she also write for her acclaimed culinary site Femme on Feast, co-collective online magazine The, A Shaded View on Fashion, and Traditional Home!

With her debut documentary “Interior Motives,” in the making Nathalie aims to show the importance of fashion in interior design. She intends to give give viewers an inside look into the lives of tastemakers, interior designers, editors, fashion designers, couturiers, mills, and showrooms; providing an accessibility to the common viewer into the worlds of the most important tastemakers of today….so stay tuned you are not going to ant to miss this!

Who is your interior design icon?

Andree Putman.

Who is your fashion icon?

I have many but the two that come to mind are definitely Nancy “Slim” Keith, and Katherine Hepburn.

Which fashion designer do you wish had a home décor collection?

Rick Owens. I know he has a furniture collection, but I would love to see a home collection…curious to witness what he would do with paint colors, wallpaper, and rugs….maybe one day or currently brewing?!

Where do you find inspiration?

100 percent, travel.

How would you describe your decorating style?

Vintage meets popular culture meets glamour.

How would you describe your fashion style?

It depends on my mood. Mostly sportswear chic to evening formal with a huge dose of black. I definitely have a shoe and handbag fetish.

How would you describe your hometown’s fashion/design style?

Los Angeles is a great place for expression in every way, however the way most people dress in this city is too laid back. It’s the California lifestyle, so you see a lot of flip flops and jeans. I’d like to see more people be daring with their clothing and not be so casual and safe.

How do you incorporate fashion beyond your wardrobe?

We have a pair of vintage Ralph Lauren boots on a stack of photography books at home, and a vintage equestrian hat hanging over a mirror. It definitely adds an element of whimsy and adventure to the home.

Do you have any interior styling secrets?

Do not limit yourself to boundaries. Utilize everything that inspires you. From variations of art, to a stack of literature on a beautiful ornate chair, or even an inspiration board as your headboard. Do not be afraid to experiment.

What is your favorite city away from home?


Is there a hotel whose décor suits your personal style?

The Kensington London (Luxury Suite).

If you could swap homes with anyone it would be…

Palace of Versailles circa Marie Antoinette minus the consequential drama.

Do you have a signature candle scent?

Bougie Apothicaire Tabac d’Amsterdam.

Which room at home is your favorite?

Since I live in a loft I do not have any rooms, it’s one large open space. However getting cozy in my bed is probably my favorite.

What are you currently coveting for your home?

Hermes blanket.

What has been your biggest splurge for your home?

My vintage bronze gilt mirror. It’s definitely the statement piece in our home.

You know you are home when….

My Japanese Chin Toni Deville starts spinning in excitement.

How do you incorporate fashion as art?

We have a beautiful piece of horse hair jewelry with a rose gold clasp made by our friend jewelry designer Victoria Simes that hangs on one of our walls. You notice it the minute you walk into the space. It is definitely a piece of art.

Which fashion accessory would you use as a decorating accessory?

I have a collection of gentlemen’s victorian canes with ornate heads that I switch out for a different one every so often.

How do you incorporate new fashion trends into your home’s décor each season?

By switching out the editorial tear outs on our inspiration board to ones from the current season.

Photography Credits: Michelle Peerali


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