Lee Kleinhelter

October 8, 2013

_MG_3297 - CopyLee Kleinhelter, creatively and stylishly curates the vintage furniture she restyles for her shop, Pieces, which definitely makes her (in my book, for sure!) every interior designers dream shop owner! I’m tempted to move into her fabulous shop. If I must refrain, at the least I can advise that you step inside and  take your design cues from her sought after, ever evolving looks  and ability to edit and layer so effortlessly!

How would you describe your shop?

Pieces is a furniture and accessories boutique. I like to think it’s a chic and refreshing play on furniture. We really enjoy reinventing the space and concept monthly as a stream line story. Over the past nine years we’ve stayed true to our original concept which is to strive to have unique items that are restyled and even custom made just for Pieces. Being an interior designer, I realize that you can’t always find what you need, so we enjoy helping designers and stylist find what they need even if they don’t see it on the floor. Having pieces custom made for projects has also been a great resource for our customers.

Which decorating style is the best fit for your products?

I think when you initially see the store you assume things wouldn’t fit in a more traditional atmosphere, but when you pull them out of the store and try them in your space it can be a completely different look. We have everything from more traditional pieces like handsome chocolate brown tub chairs, chunky wood coffee table to more elegant Italian porcelain chandeliers and furry benches. Our inventory is always changing. We really feel like any of our pieces can be dropped in any style space and either blend right in or be an unexpected punch. We’re also happy to help source anything you need for your space even if its something you don’t see on the floor or on the website.

How do fashion trends inspire your products and style (ie. merchandise)?

I don’t think about trends much when buying or styling the store. Maybe we’re subconsciously influenced by magazines and ads, but I want to purchase items that are timeless and nothing that will some day look dated. When pulling a project together or styling the store the most fun part is the challenge to think how can I make this better and not in a way I’ve done before.

Based on their style, which fashion designer would you most likely stop by to pick up a few things?

My favorites just to name a few… Herve Leger, Celine, Chloe, but those aren’t always in my budget so my easy go to’s are Vince, Theory, Rag & Bone. It’s important to find a few brands that fit you well and stick with them. I’m simple, I don’t replace everything out of my closet every season, so I want to buy things that wont go out of style.

Who is your fashion icon?

I do enjoy flipping through fashion mags (when I have time!) and love watching red carpets and seeing all the over the top glamour. Who doesn’t? But, I guess I have more interior Icons than fashion. I love everything Tom Ford, interested in Lenny Kravitz interiors, Miles Redd always, and Reed Krakoff can really do no wrong in my book. Kelly Wearstler has always been someone to admire. We are really excited to have been selected to carry here home accessories line in the store. It’s a perfect fit. I like the edgier, more daring designers because they are taking risks, and you really have to get it right for it to come across cool and chic.

 How would you describe your fashion style?

I buy separates and need them to all work together as layers. I usually blow my budget on shoes and a bag. However, I’m happy wearing the same jeans every other day. To me it’s like my interiors… keep it simple. If you like nice things, buy a few, but you don’t need a lot of anything. More isn’t always better. Being a mom, a stepmom, and a business owner, I have to stay organized in all aspects of my life to give me sanity. I love editing everything from the store to my closet. I’m just wired like that.

How do you incorporate fashion in your home?

I don’t see myself as being super “fashionable”. So I guess I’ve never thought of that related to my interiors. I think of it more like materials, textures, furs, leathers, metallic and how to use them in a different way. I try not to mimic other peoples’ looks. Of course, we’re all influenced and inspired, but I try to stay true to what I think the space needs.

Who decorated your home?

Me :)

Do you have any decorating secrets or styling tips?

I really think less is more. I think exposure is key like in all industries and when your used to seeing designers push the envelope it helps make it not seem so scary to do it yourself. Flipping through international design magazines is a really cool way to get a different perspective on interiors. Don’t always be safe and don’t be scared to try something new. Life is short have fun with it!

#HOTR inspired?! Visit Pieces for more fabulous-ness!

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