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October 29, 2013



Anewall is a Vancouver-based, wall decor printing company created by the fabulous design duo, Richele & Sydney, with a  passion for interior design and home decorating. Inspired by fashion, Richele and Sydney infuse thier collections with style and sophistication creating a vintage feel for the modern day gal (read: a new wall!) From wall decals to canvas art, simple paper posters to adhesive prints, wallpaper to wall murals they have managed to create a rustic, industrialized collection of wall art. Their timeless art collections are a fabulous option to complete the look of your home, with something for any girls style! So which one is  you?

How do fashion trends inspire your collections?

When you put yourself together an outfit, you usually have one or two statement pieces that make the outfit stand out. We inspire our artwork after this idea. We want our pieces to be statements that catch your eye, but also allow every little detail in the room to flow together. 

 Who is your fashion icon? 

Our fashion icon is Gwenyth Paltrow. She’s a natural beauty and any style of clothing is really just an accessory to her! We are inspired by her laid back style and her minimal everyday makeup routine. Fashion is more than just the outward appearance to us though. It’s the fashion in which she lives day to day, spending time with her kids, encouraging others to be healthy (have you read her blog GOOP?!), and she’s fun and friendly!

In which fashion designer’s home can you see your collection? 

Stella McCartney – She’s just a down to earth woman with great taste in everything from fashion and style to design and decor. Her love for nature, animals, neutral tones & the beauty of the outdoors is what makes us think our collection would fit right into the niche of her home. Our pieces are really just older versions of her current ‘oh naturale’ lifestyle (they’ve had a glimpse inside!)

How would you describe your fashion style? 

We’ve always been drawn to more sophisticated, earthy looks that incorporate a strong industrial, edge. One thing that we tend to be a little picky on (or rather obsessed with) is fabric. We never mind splurging a little bit more on finer materials!

Do you incorporate fashion in your home?

It’s impossible for me (Richele) to decorate my home without incorporating fashion into it! What you see on my back is definitely what you see when you enter my house. Neutrals, soft antique fabrics, and hints of glass, wood & leather in the form of accessories. These are some of my favourite things

 What “decorating style” do you see your collection incorporated into?

We really see our collection fitting into the “French Country Living”  decor style because that’s where the ‘heart and soul’ of it originates, but at the same time it’s extremely versatile. We think the ultimate goal is to find pieces that blend nicely with your lifestyle and reflect who you are – no matter what your decorating style.

Who decorated your home? 

My mom & I (Richele). My dad is a builder and when I was young my mom used to style most of his show homes and lottery houses for viewings. She used to bring me around to each of the homes and I would be her little helper, so naturally I like what she likes! I’ve developed a love for old treasures, history, and my idea of fun is figuring out the best way to style these antiques – especially art – in a newer home..

Do you have any decorating secrets or styling tips?

Our “go-to” styling secrets and tips are: 

1. Always incorporate your personality.

2. Shop for antiques – they’re beautiful, thrifty and always tell a story.

3.White walls make everything in any room pop.

4.Invest in elegant lighting, you can never have too many chandeliers.

How would you describe your collection?

Our collection is really just about bringing new life to old forgotten heirlooms, pictures, and images that were made to be timeless.  Anewall is a vintage collection of art with beauty in every piece; hence, we chose each one specifically!  A romantic collection inspired by the past, memories, neutral tones, weathered textures and individual stories.



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