Stephanie Hirsch, Artist

February 26, 2014


“Religion is for people that don’t want to go to hell. Spirituality is for those of us that have been there.”

There is no better saying that captures the emotion of Stephanie Hirsch‘s artwork. Her work delves into the deeper or double meaning of words and sayings with both humor and enlightenment. “Initially, sayings can be static,” Stephanie says, “but once we apply our life experiences they can have infinite meanings.”

How would you describe your art?

It’s all about the message. To convey that I use beading and embroidery to add depth to the words and shine a light on our inner struggles both literally and figuratively.

Does Fashion inspire your art?

My personal journey and whatever I am currently trying to create or conquer within myself inspires my work.

Which Fashion Designers home can you imagine your art in?

It is not about one particular designer it is more about the message and if it resonates with them. We are all here on our own personal journey and my work tends to strike a cord within someone when the message is something that they are going through, have gone through or want to manifest in their life.

Who is your fashion icon?

Definitely Kate Moss and Brigette Bardot. I love their luxe boho meets jet set style! I love the mix of hi and low.

How would you describe your fashion style?

Stevie Nicks sang it best “give to me your leather…. take from me ….my lace” Rocker Hard Chic meets feminine edge.

Who is your design icon?

Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Kelly Wearstler.

How would you describe your design style?

Ethnic meets modern. Clean with touch of bohemian…that mix of Lucite (especially Alexander von Furstenberg collection) and feathers!

Do you have any decorating tips?

Your heart doesn’t lie if it feels right go with it!

Check out Stephanie Hirsch online!

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