Styling a Gallery Wall

October 22, 2013

My thoughts on styling a gallery wall….As a perfectionist with symmetrical tendencies I have always been intrigued with the concept of a “gallery wall” but I haven’t braved the idea of creating one. Yet of the recent, as I am shelving features to share on HOTR, I’m constantly reminded of this increasingly popular interior trend (which repeatedly pops up in my inbox!)

As I ponder the secret of transforming an otherwise boring wall into a fabulous art gallery…I indulge in the images of fashion illustrator, Megan Hess at home and notice the variety of ways! The gallery concept in itself an art…in a grid like template, stacked side by side on the floor or framed by decorative molding, oh the options are inspiring!

Art in mismatched frames, a diverse selection of photographs and the ability to forgo my obsession with perfection and symmetry might just be the magic formula! With so many fabulous art prints and fashion illustrations on my “have to have” list I’m thinking its time to get started…are you on board with this in the moment coveted look?!



Image Source: Adore Home Magazine Credits: Photographer Armelle Habib

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