The Life of a Design


 A Interior Design Editorial…?

The truth is we didn’t have to think so hard. Within minutes Dan and I knew we were going to make this happen, because we had a story to tell. I had intrigued Dan with this idea of experimenting with the concept of bringing a space to life, mimicking a fashion editorial and he was in, so we got to work.

You see, it’s not fashion trends that inspires me, it’s the industry on a whole that really challenges the
creative thinker in me. Sometimes it’s the inspiration behind a collection, the mix of textures of the actual clothing on the runway or the message of an ad campaign. Either way I believe that our lives can be enriched by the deeper understanding of what fashion means to us and how to translate that feeling into
the environments in which we live.

You know that feeling, when you open the pages of a Porter magazine (a fashion magazine doing it right!) of how you relate to that women they address in a fashion editorial every month, the women we see in each and every one of ourselves no matter what the focus or mood of that issue might be?! Well, that my friends is what I have set out to accomplish. I want you all to feel how you belong in that space, to relate on one level or another, for you to understand the depth of the design and the talent it requires to achieve that.

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