These Fine Walls


These Fine Walls

If these walls could talk they would tell the story of how a shared love for fashion and decor created a friendship that will surpass any fashion trend that may ever exist, and for that I am so grateful to Instagram. Lisa, of These Fine Walls and I laugh at how getting in touch with me was no easy task. Although I may be overwhelmed with my inbox, ultimately the right image on Instagram speaks my language and that my friends is what it takes to get my attention.

I’m a visual person. I have always been. With most peoples attention span lasting 30 seconds or less these days, I’m kinda thinking most people are now visual. Truth be told what better way to tell the story of your brand, your service or your product then via images?! I think you’ve all heard me say I love stories. I do love reading, though that really seems like a luxury these days, hence the 236 unread emails in my inbox, Lol. But in all seriousness, we have all heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”, And that is where my new form of storytelling comes to play.

For those of you who have been following me from the start of my Insta-blogging days, it all started with sharing fashion forward interiors. I attracted the likes of Lisa Eryn Silverman and Dan Mazzarini, creatives who like myself are inspired by fashion conceptually. HOTR has never been about trends it has been a journey of exploring how to merge the gap between the worlds of fashion and interior design. These Fine Walls does just that! The idea of using editorial fashion photography as art is strikingly brilliant. Creating an editorial is all about telling a story, and art with depth is more then just art, it’s a story.

With that idea in mind, I have collaborated with Lisa to tell her story as a creative who inspires me with the way she lives fashion as she strives to change the industry of design one image at a time, “Bit by Bit” as Lisa would say. I hope you love her story as much as I loved creating it.

Xx Fanny Z 

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