The Girl who grew up in NEW YORK


The Beginning

Oh New York, I do miss you! Thankfully you are just a train ride away and I can get my fix every now and then, honestly though I have learnt to appreciate the quiet life here, but you are always on my mind. So that is why I choose to live vicariously through a beautiful New York City model, Veranika who depicts the beginning of a story, the story of becoming ME (produced by Pavel Denisenko and Colin Anderson who are in every sense a huge part of how HOTR has evolved into what it is today, but that is a story for another time!). Don’t you just love stories?!

We all became the people we are today from the parents we had and the environments we grew up in but I like to think mostly I am the master of my own destiny. Call me a control freak (I’m working on that!) but while respecting the mold I was made from I want to call my own shots, dont you?!  

The NY impact 

Growing up I pretty much thought that to succeed you had to be a New Yorker, which clearly meant  ambitious, hard working and cut throat. It was simple, everyone who ever wanted to follow their dreams came to NY…it’s the melting pot, city of opportunities and the only way to go. I read a lot, I wasn’t much of a street girl. I learnt the value of educating myself to succeed, I learned to appreciate culture and the arts. I learned to think for myself and understood that I was the only one standing between me and anything I wanted to accomplish.

Along comes a dashing prince and whips me away to a far away land (Baltimore, MD!) and just like that I become a mom and wife and my focus changes. Well, just for  a few years.

The truth is creating myself after the shift was harder then I thought. I loved being a mom and wanted to do nothing else but. So when the kids, (now 7, 9 & 11) were off to school, I began to feel lost. Mostly because I had all these dreams, and it suddenly seemed that to have what I wanted meant I needed to live in NY…that is when I started to feel sorry for myself that I didn’t live in NY. There were lots of thoughts, thoughts that really only took me to bad places, places I didn’t want to go. But what choice did I have? This was my reality, I lived in Baltimore now, I had made my choice to be here, so my only option was to give up my dreams and move on, right?! I wasn’t ok with that.


What happened next…?

Well before I go into that I want to share some stories about some other fabulous people in NY I have had the honor to meet in my travels through discovering the Me I wanted to be, people I truly admire both personally and professionally. But thats it for now, as I believe my dinner is burning on the stovetop and N (my Son) is destroying the classroom setup that T and S (the girls) so strategically designed in the middle of my living room! Trust me I love telling stories, I will be back with more, I promise.

Xx, Fanny Z

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